Frequently Asked Questions

There are other companies that claim they can do what Premier Electronic Solutions does. Why should we choose to do business with you?

It's true there are plenty of companies out there that would be glad to take your money. So why choose us? First and foremost, as a referral-based company, our primary concern is making you (our clients and customers) so happy with our service that you will tell everyone you know that no one can do a better job for them. Over our 20+ years in the industry, we have been fortunate enough to bring the joy of movies, music, and automation to thousands of satisfied clients.

Beyond our focus on service, our company offers the most knowledgeable, best trained, and experienced staff in the county. We have certified professional designers, installers, and programmers who can help transform your dreams into realities. Other companies might talk a good talk, but do they have the knowledge, training, and experience to make it happen?

Our 20+ years in the industry have allowed us to see almost any challenge imaginable come up, and we know how to prevent or preempt them. Our company's expertise and professional certifications are your assurance that we know how to follow a project through from beginning to end and make everything work as intended.

If you wouldn't trust an amateur heart surgeon or an amateur automobile mechanic, why trust an amateur Electronics System Contractor?
The real gorilla in the closet might be, “Is there any 4K or Ultra HD native content available?” The short answer to that is yes, and more is on the way. Streaming services like Netflix and Netflix are now streaming in Ultra HD 4K. The prevelance of 4K Blu-ray's are rapidly expanding along with the ability to purchase 4K movies direct from Apple. Satilte and Cable companies are offering 4K content on their mobile and increasing the number of channels everyday that output 4K content.
Whether you just want save the video for your records or you need to show the footage to the police. Retrieving and backing up your footage has never been easier. Below you will find manuals on how to backup your specific NVR or DVR just reference the model name of your system. If you're still having trouble please don't hesitate to contact us and we can walk you through it over the phone/email or we can send out a technician to you!
Our FAQ Section is constantly being edited to display the most revelant information to you based on th equipment we sell and service and the ever changing world of technology.

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